Expert opinions and analyst reports are key for supporting the fair valuation of your company. Clients frequently request assistance with the initiation of analyst coverage. It is a challenging request as financial institutions are cutting down their research teams. The number of analysts that are covering a particular sector is shrinking. However, it is an important asset for a company as an analyst report is a highly valuable source of information. They help investors to understand the complexity of your company and business model and its future potential. Many hours and much intelligence go into the development of a report. They influence public opinion. Their recommendations can lead to a major drop or rise of the share price. For smaller companies it is the only tool to get a public valuation of their business at all. Therefore, targeting the right analysts, establishing good relationships with them and supporting them with all the necessary information is a key objective of our work.


Our services include:

  • Analyst Consensus
  • Analyst Estimates
  • Analyst Conferences
  • Paid For Research
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