The art of telling your story. Together with our partner KMS Team we develop award winning reports that clearly make a difference. Independent of the size of your firm, the Annual Report is the business card of your company. Not only does it have to adhere to invasive legal and capital market requirements, deliver a solution for today’s complex management report and financial statements, it also has to deliver your equity story and strengthen your brand.

We know how to translate the legally required regular financial reports into meaningful investor updates that appropriately deliver your strategic messages, clearly measure progress against both your long-term strategy and the market as a whole. We consider it important to gain maximum benefit from each calendar event to showcase the company’s strategic progress as evidence of management’s vision to the investment community. And, we get rewarded, our reports regularly win top local and international awards.

In the decade of Facebook and Twitter, we have developed effective strategies for online reporting to reach your target audience anytime and anywhere.


Our services include:

  • Annual Reports (Analysis, Concept, Design, Text)
  • Half Year Reports (Analysis, Concept, Design, Text)
  • Corporate Responsibility Reports (Analysis, Concept, Design, Text)
  • Quarterly Reports (Analysis, Concept, Design, Text)
  • Online Reporting (Analysis, Concept, Design, Programming, Text)
  • Reporting Seminars
  • Earnings Presentations
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